Sunday, January 30, 2011

Playing Catchup

I have not been starving my family this weekend - I promise!

This last week at work was pretty stressful and from Thursday until today, I have had no time for blogging......or cooking. Yes - I'm ashamed to admit it - we have had a slight relapse. But don't worry - today we managed to jump right back on track and so we will continue this journey next week. And although we did resort to eating out, I have actually been pretty good about finding healthy choices and have avoided fried foods and soda.

Day #27 - Right after work, I had to meet Jim at the house, pick him up, went to get Kayla and from there we headed down to the dance studio to get Kayla signed up for her Hip Hop class. She starts Tuesday and is more than excited! Anyway - by the time we did all that, it was 6:45 pm and as we were driving down Auburn Way wondered at the same time "what's for dinner?" The meal I had planned took more than 60 minutes to prep and cook - so Godfather's Pizza and Salad Bar it was.
Day #28 - I don't think I need to remind anybody about Fridays in our house - they just flat out suck. This Friday, I had so much work to do to get caught up from my crazy stressful week, I just stayed at work until Jim made it Bellevue (6:15 pm) and from there we went up to Edmonds to get Katlynne and Kelsey. We stopped at Arby's where I got a the Grilled Chicken Club sandwich (bacon removed) and a water (no fries - yay me!).

Day #29 - A certain someone in my house was in a foul mood all day. So I left him with the girls to fend for themselves and went to hang out with some amazing friends for a game night. They supplied a great dinner of hoagie sandwiches with fruit & veggies. It was great and the entertainment was just what I needed to relax and have a good time.

As far as today goes - that certain someone is still in a foul mood - so again, I made him figure out dinner for the girls while I'm up here playing blog catchup. It smells like he cooked chicken nuggets or something - I'm not certain. As for myself - I will blog about my own dinner in a little bit.

I also need to post my favorite gadget for this last week......I'll have to think about that one.

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