Monday, January 17, 2011

Day #17 - Lebanese Meat Pies

Jim and I decided that once a week, we are going to try something completely new for dinner to try and expand our cookbook. I got this idea from my good friend Josh. He has made these before and his looked so yummy - I just had to try it when he made the suggestion. The recipe I found online requested that I make my own phyllo dough - but I had some sitting in my freezer, so why would I make it when all I had to do was let mine defrost? Well - next time (if there is such a thing), I think I'll make my own dough. It was a sad situation for these Lebanese meat pies - and needless to say, we enjoyed the corn much more than the meat pies.

These Are Josh's Lebanese Meat Pies:

These Are My Lebanese Meat Pies:

There is absolutely no way I was getting my pies to stand up all nice and neat like his. Aside from the presentation of it all - I'm not a fan of ground lamb. It was really greasy and made my pies soggy. I dunno - maybe I need to take cooking lessons from Josh.

This recipe was such a disappointment, I'm not going to bother with the recipe or the nutrition information. If I can convince Josh to tell me how he made his, I might attempt this again. Otherwise - I'll make these Lebanese Meat Pies as a FAIL!


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