Monday, January 24, 2011

Day #24 - Sweet & Sour Pork

Let me just start by sharing with you all, that I have a pretty amazing husband! Today, at work, it was one of those days where nothing was going right and by about 10:30 this morning, I just knew that I was in for a long one....and boy was I right! I use to think that only nurses worked 12 hour shifts, but lately, I'm starting to think otherwise. The difference is that nurses work three or four 12-hour shifts and then get three or four days off. I only wish that were the case!

I got to work at 6:45 am. I left work at 6:30 pm (without taking a lunch break, or any break for that matter, because yeah - it was really just ONE OF THOSE DAYS).

Anyway - I had a really nice dinner planned on the menu tonight and I spent my commute home stressing about how I would ever be able to pull it off. I walked in the door trembling from low blood sugar because as I mentioned before, I skipped lunch....and I'm completely shocked when my husband says: "dinner's ready"!

Not only did he make dinner - but he made what was on the menu!

Sweet & Sour Pork

Kayla insisted we have Caesar Salad with it!

I'm not entirely sure how Jim cooked the pork - that and I'm tired as heck and still need to run to Target to pick up some necessities - so I'm not going to list ingredients or nutritional information.

But essentially, the sauce came from here:

Throw in a little diced up red pepper, green pepper and pineapple - use a little water to reduce the thickness and sweetness - and you have yourself a LOVELY sweet & sour sauce! It was fabulous! And the best part - I already have my lunch made for tomorrow!!!


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