Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day #15 - Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

Today for lunch, we got together with some of my family at Red Robin to celebrate Ryan turning the big 21!!!

Who is Ryan you might ask??? Well - please, let me tell you, because you all should know who he is.

Everyone - Meet Ryan:

Ryan is my cousin who is pretty dang amazing! He's smart (when he isn't spending his time trying to break a 2x4 with his head out of sheer boredom), makes people laugh (even if it is with his crazy videos doing the previously mentioned stunt), he has a humongous heart, and he's just a truly genuine and kind person - the kind of person you just have to be friends with. Well - lucky for me, I'm related to him, so he HAS to be friends with me....just kidding (sort of). He loves kids (especially mine) - Kayla adores him and always wants to see pictures of him when I'm on Facebook, which is how we usually communicate with him these days. Why? Because when he isn't home on leave, he spends his time doing things like this:

Saving Poor Innocent Turtles From Being Crushed In The Road:

Rescuing Poor Starving Puppies From Disaster:

Showing Off His Mean Side (Which Doesn't Exist - I'm Certain):

Oh - but those are just things he does in his spare time. In addition to working out and rescuing poor suffering animals, Ryan is currently serving in the United States Army as a UAV pilot, recently finishing an 11 month deployment to Afghanistan where he flew these:

Fortunately for us, he was able to make it home in time for Christmas and we got to hang with him at our family Christmas party. We also got to hang with him on his birthday - stuffing our happy bellies with Red Robin goodness. It's been great. Sadly - he flies out on the 18th again, but he is headed to Germany....for now. We love you Ryan!

Now - you're probably wondering how Ryan could possibly have anything to do with what we had for dinner tonight. Well - we were all so full after having lunch with him, we didn't even have dinner! We killed two birds with one stone: Hung out with the coolest kid around AND consume enough food for lunch and dinner - SCORE!

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