Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day #7 - Time

When I made this goal, I knew that Fridays were going to be my biggest challenge because on alternating Fridays, we are either driving to Kirkland to drop off one kid or driving up to Edmonds to pick up two kids. This Friday, I got off work at 4:15, had to drive from Bellevue to Auburn (in rush hour traffic) to pick up Kayla, stop at the house so she could pack a weekend bag (and chips and salsa for her to eat in the car for dinner), drive all the way up to Kirkland to meet her dad (took us about 60 minutes in the carpool lane with pouring rain) and then I drove back to Auburn without being able to use the carpool lane, in continued rush hour-type traffic. It was a nightmare! I didn't get home until almost 9:00 pm at which point, I ignored my husband, passed out on the couch from low blood sugar, and surrendered myself to my bed and forgot about dinner all together. In the morning I discovered that my husband had made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner after he realized I probably wasn't coming back downstairs. But don't feel sorry for him - he could have made my evening commute a little easier....


A whole latta nothing!


Walk upstairs, brush your teeth, pull down the covers, climb into bed, lay your head on your pillow and snooze for the next 10 hours.

Nutritional Information (This Is The Best Part):

Total Calories: 0 cal

Total Fat: 0 gm

Total Carbs: 0 gm

Total Protein: 0 gm

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  1. Brandon said he likes the plate but there is no "style" on it. LOL