Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day #6 - Tacos

Tacos are an all-time favorite for my family and fortunately it's a pretty simple meal to make. We always keep ingredients on hand for tacos and use it as our "go to" meal when we didn't plan the night before. This is Kayla's favorite dinner - you really can't screw it up.


6 Carb Balance Whole Wheat Tortillas
1/2 lb Lean Ground Beef
Lawry's Taco Seasoning
1/2 can Fat-Free Refried Beans
1/4 Cup Salsa
1 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Cup Shredded Lettuce
1/2 Tomato Cut Up


Brown ground beef in a pan until fully cooked and drain any remaining grease. Add taco seasoning to taste (I buy the big plastic container from Costco and add seasoning until it tastes just right) - you might need to add a couple tablespoons of water to help mix the seasoning in.

Mix salsa and refried beans in a pan - cook until heated through.

Heat tortillas in the microwave for 10 seconds. Add 2 tbsp refried beans, 2 oz ground beef, 1/2 oz shredded cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Enjoy!

Nutritional Information (approximately for 2 soft tacos):

Total Calories: 459 cal

Total Fat: 17.3 gm

Total Carbs: 18 gm

Total Protein: 24.75 gm

Next time, I'm going to use ground turkey to see how it would change the nutritional information, especially the calories!

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