Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day #4 - Classic BLT

Tuesdays are always hard when it comes to dinner....I never know what time I'm going to get home from work, so it's hard to plan an elaborate dinner. Tonight, I played it safe and went with quick and easy comfort food......the good old BLT! You can't go wrong with that....except I toasted my bread a little too long and it tore up the roof of my mouth. Note to self: LIGHTLY toast the bread next time.

I contemplated using Turkey Bacon for our BLT's, but have you ever looked at the sodium content on Turkey Bacon??? I was shocked - so I played it safe and went with the Hormel Natural Choice (MSG and Preservative free) bacon. It was great!

Ingredients (Serves 3):

9 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Bacon, Pan Fried To Crispy
3 Pieces Iceberg Lettuce
1 Large Tomato, sliced thick
3 Tbsp Light Mayo or Miracle Whip (I was raised on Miracle Whip)
6 Slices of Whole Grain Bread - Toasted


Cooking directions probably aren't necessary, but for the sake of consistent formatting, I'm going to include it. Pan fry bacon and set aside on a paper towel to drain any lingering grease. LIGHT toast the bread and spread 1 tbsp of Mayo / Miracle Whip per sandwich. Layer 1-1/2 pieces of bacon, then lettuce, then tomato and top with another 1-1/2 pieces of bacon. You should use three pieces of bacon per sandwich. Cut in half and enjoy. Pretty simple.

Nutritional Information (For 1 Sandwich Fully Assembled)

Total Calories: 311 cal (of which 200 calories are from the bread alone)

Total Fat: 11.5 g

Total Carbs: 40.4 g (of which 36 g are from the bread alone)

Total Protein: 15.5 g

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