Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gadgets Galore....

I know it's been a while since I've posted my favorite gadget. I'm just proud of myself for continuously blogging about the meals we eaten, so I haven't felt too much pressure to keep up with posting about my awesome kitchen tools. However, it's Saturday morning, I have no kids to entertain and my hubby is downstairs watching the news. SO - it's time for another Gadgets Galore session.

When I first started this journey, it was about eating healthier meals and spending quality time with my family at the dinner table. It was about teaching Kayla good eating habits so she can grow up and be able to cook healthy meals for her roommates in college and eventually for her family. It was about a lot of things - but not necessarily about losing weight.

About three weeks into my journey, I noticed my clothes were starting to fit a little better. My mood was generally happier. And my headaches were almost non-existent. So out of curiosity, I weighed myself - and without much effort (aside from the effort of cooking dinner at home), I had lost 8 pounds. Since then, I have taken this goal to another level in an effort to make not only my family healthier, but also to make myself healthier. For the last few weeks, I have been walking three miles every day (with a few exceptions) during my lunch hour and after dinner, I either do the elliptical for 45 minutes or go for a run outside (although lately, I have been doing the elliptical - I'm not about to run in 25 degree weather!). I try to do strength training three days a week and when I'm stressed, I resort to my punching bag for a little kick boxing. It's been a great change in my life. I weighed myself yesterday morning and am now down 27 pounds (in just under two months)!

Anyway - back to my gadget! I have really been making a conscious effort to stick to proper portion sizes and this little bad boy has helped a ton! I even caught Kayla using it the other day, measuring out goldfish crackers for her snack! She knew to look on the package to see how much a serving was (30g) and she put enough goldfish in her baggy until the scale said 30g! It was kind of cool to see how my habits are rubbing off on her. She's pretty amazing!

Anyway - this little scale is great for measuring just about anything. You can "zero" the scale with a dish on top if you want to weigh liquids and the scale can measure in gm, oz, fl oz, or ml. It's pretty cool and is one of the few gadgets I allow to be left out on the counter top (I hate clutter - all my tools have to be kept in a drawer or cupboard).

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